Friday, November 28, 2014

Guest post from my Mom

Hey everyone,

I have an extra special blog post for you today! My mom wrote a "Top 10" list of all the things she's learned as a parent of an exchange student. I hope this list is a good reminder that it's not just the exchange student that gains something from their year abroad. Thanks again Mom, I love you! 


10 things learned I’ve learned as a parent whose daughter is in Turkey:


1. You really can put your daughter on a plane to go across the world for a year, then head home and throw a load of laundry in and walk the dog.  Life really does have to go on.
2. That shopping for fashion boots with your 11-year old son is a whole different experience than shopping with your daughter.
3. How much you appreciate time spent talking with high school girls the same age as your daughter…or anyone for that matter who enjoys discussing random topics like bacon, coconut popsicles, craft supplies, movies, puppies,online deals, or rude customers at their place of employment.
4. How much you appreciate Skype and social media.
5. That there is no proper way to thank a family 5400 miles away who took your daughter in their home as part of theirfamily…and made a Thanksgiving dinner for her.
6. That keeping busy and healthy are great ways to deal with the change of your daughter being gone all year!
7. That you could be so happy, excited, nervous, proud, andsad…all at the same time.
8. That there are people who completely understand what you are experiencing…they also have daughters studying in other countries all year…thanks Lilly Lahey and Teri Fritch!
9. That most parents will look at you with a somewhat confused, “are you crazy?” kind of look once they hear that your daughter is studying abroad for a full year, and remindyou of all of the conflict over seas.  And you know they mean well.
10. That friendship and kindness cross all borders, languages, and religions, and that family isn’t just the people in your own home or your own community.


  1. Love your mom's list, and I have many of the same feelings.

  2. oh my goodness, this made me cry...thank you for being such a wonderful AND open-hearted MOM and PERSON Karri, #9 and #10 are so important.